A Different Kind of Exit

Tarnhelm Capital, LLC is a lower middle market private investment firm that selectively invests in profitable companies, with competitive products and/or services, doing business in growing markets that are principally located in the United States.

We are patient and unlike a traditional private equity fund are not constrained by artificial timelines frequently associated with investment funds but rather act when it is right for the company. Our goal is to work with management teams to take industry leading companies and build them into world class organizations.

Tarnhelm Capital, LLC invests in and partners with companies, management teams and entrepreneurs with the goal of creating and building successful businesses together. We take a multidisciplinary approach towards sustainable value creation by leveraging our extensive professional investing, operational, and capital markets expertise to realize strategic, financial and operational objectives that make a real impact.

We seek to work with growing specialty service companies, niche manufacturers, and Software/SaaS technology that are based in the United States and have $1-$20 million of EBITDA.

We are interested in partnering with companies and/or executives on unique deal situations which usually entails proprietary situations (no auctions), a reasonable valuation, and a unique operational angle brought to bear.